Elvis and the BOM

The rumor goes something like Elvis had the Book of Mormon right before he died and that he was even scheduled to be baptized. But this sounded like one of those Mormon myths that get tossed around. So I did a little digging. And then I talked with the lady, Cricket Coulter, who now lives in Georgia, who was a good friend of Elvis and says she was the one who gave him the BOM and introduced him to the missionaries and that she heard him tell the missionaries he wanted to be baptized, but that he couldn't do it till after he finished his tour. He died two weeks before the set date. And I went to Church headquarters and actually got to see the book he supposedly had, with the inscription to him, and complete with little notes in the margins. That was very cool. He wrote in the margin right next to Alma 39:6 "I cannot deny what I know in my heart to be true". Wish I had pictures.


Panini said…
Are you lying?! ELVIS!? Elvis the Pelvis?
Esperanza said…
Are you serious? Or totally lying?!?!?!? Crazy....did you do a story on it?
Panini said…
I made a blog:)
SJ said…
It's the real deal...at least from the lips of the lady who said he committed and the church archives dude who has the actual book and his bodyguard's daughter and Alan Osmond. It was pretty neat-o
Laurie said…
My mother says that Alan Osmond works at the Mt. Timpanogos temple (she's a missionary there herself) and he will tell you forthright the story of Elvis receiving the Book of Mormon.

I had heard that Elvis wrote something about how Christ is the King, not Elvis himself. Also heard that he had written somewhere in the front of that famous Book of Mormon that Pricilla needed to read that book.

More Mormon Folklore?? *shrug*
Dainon said…
My belief: that Elvis got the BOM, certainly, but not that he ever committed to being baptized. That's the hazy part of the story. So many are claiming to have given the BOM, it's ridiculous. He was a man in search of spirituality, certainly, but it's what all good Southern boys do, after all.

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