Wiki This

Okay, you know how you can Google your friends...or yourself? Don't think I'm totally ridiculous, but I got to thinking how cool it would be if I could read about myself on Wikipedia.


Think of it as a little gift from me to you


Panini said…
oh my gosh! lol
you are -so- great
mj said…
i think they erased it. wiki-spammer! too bad.
SJ said…
Apparently I'm not important enough. They even told me I may not meet the criteria. Although I may be able to contest it. Don't they know I'm radio personality? I'm "like" so important.
Abz said…
SJ I have to say I have been enjoying your Nightside reports. Your show is really informative and entertaining.I now believe Jon Huntsman is the coolest governor on earth. I feel like such a stalker fan now...wait would having a stalker help you for your wikipedia claim to fame?
SJ said…
Thanks, stalkie. I've been told if I get enough requests for my name, and if there's enough Google pages that come up it may make me a noteworthy enough person.
Justin said…
If there are any articles about you in magazines or newspapers, you could cite those as proof that you're "notable" enough for a Wikipedia page. Also, you probably don't want to write it yourself. The people who are fairly serious about Wikipedia consider that "vanity" and they may try to get it deleted for that.

There isn't a Nightside page yet. I would start there.
SJ said…
Oh, Justin, you are so in luck. There is a Nightside page! I would be the reporter named Sarah. But alas, no one has written an article about ME, I've just written and talked about other people.

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