Nightside on the internets

So the website for the show I'm on is up and running finally. You can check out my stories here


ps last night's story was on the Oxygen Spa in Sugarhouse. Tonight it's insuring your music downloads


Abz said…
SJ it's good to hear your voice again. You're radio host dude is quite the flirt. Do you think you'll go back to the O2 bar again?
Sherpa said…
Awesome. I'll definitely check it out. I'll tell Kell too.
SJ said…
I went back tonight with one of our other reporters. Michael is actually more of a private person off air, but ya, he's alright in my book and definitely has been in the business long enough to be an expert at maintaining an on-air presence. It's good to learn from him.
mj said…
perfect. now we can listen to you any time of day in little sound bites. cause little sound bites is all the news we need, right? love ya, kiddo.
seth said…
using a blog comment to make fun of soundbites. mj is the best.

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