14 at the mall

So I'm waiting after work for a friend to pick me up...a guy friend. For, um, a date...and I'm waiting here and of course several co-workers walk by and ask why I'm still there, and I don't really think of myself as a private person but I'm suddenly feeling sort of exposed because I say I'm waiting for a friend and of course most people realize it's a date...at least in my mind they do because I'm already sensitive about it... and it's a little weird telling people I'm going on a date that I work with for some reason. That and I sorta started to feel like I was 14 again like when I had to wait out front for my mom to pick me up from the mall. You kinda feel losery and add that to going on a date and everyone knowing about it and it's just kind of felt like a weird, vulnerable situation. And now I wonder why I agreed to meet him directly after work instead of just letting him pick me up from home, but it seemed okay at the time because we are going downtown anyway. Well, anyway, I'm still sitting here waiting and hoping he comes soon. Why am I so awkward sometimes?


Jon Dunn said…
O'cmon Sarah Jane....who is the mystery man?
SJ said…
not worth telling about anymore, oh well.

You still read my blog? I thought 5 people max actually looked at this place.

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