So I've been looking around at a few places (okay, two so far) and there's something I've noticed about housing in Salt Lake. There's no realistic closet space. I don't have tons of clothes...okay I do, I do, and I love them...but I don't have as many clothes as a lot of other girls. But I seriously need more than a tiny hole in the wall to put my stuff. Not to complain, which I seem to have been doing lately, but I really want the same standard of livin I've been used to for the past three years and can't seem to find it in the Salt Lake area. Not for the amount I'm willing to pay, anyway. The lesson here is don't get spoiled, I've been spoiled and now it's sooo hard going back to a lesser standard.

In other news, my roommate and I had a little chat. We both said we were sorry and hugged, and agreed that sometimes people just aren't going to see things the same way and that we don't have to hate each other for it like Hezbollah and Israel. Anyway, now we're super, tip-toe nice and it's still weird, but at least not as stressful. I'm still moving out, mad about it, but she was here first and nobody still cares about the mess. I think they may all be mad at me still because I took all my dishes to my room so that I would at least have clean dishes and not have to clean theirs just to get one. That means they have almost no dishes now. I actually saw my roommate do the dishes yesterday. Guess she realized I wasn't doing them anymore. So okay, that is passive aggressive, but now I have clean dishes, yay!


Sherpa said…
Hope it all works out for y'all...and your clothes will find a proper home. ;)
SJ said…
you're back! I'm sure you've blogged all about your travels so of course I'll be reading all about it. Hope you had a good time and kissed a hot mexican or maybe just met some cool people and got a good tan.
Esperanza said…
I want the scoop in person or over the phone, you haven't found anywhere? Did you check Draper area too? Too $$$?

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