Power to the people

The power is out in my neighborhood, and all of the Millcreek area, and half of Sugarhouse, too. The traffic lights aren't working and a tree from the neighbors yard actually fell down onto my yard. A tree! I would have a picture but my phone died and I can't power it up and take a picture (that's my camera). I'm writing this on my laptop (which thankfully has a full three hours of power left). So I'm able to get on the net, but I was wondering what I would be doing if I didn't have at least this. No TV, no radio, read all the books in my house (and Barnes and Noble is closed because the power is out there, too), and the lights are out so I can't see the pages anyway. I have a sewing machine but actually need a power outlet to run it...and I..ummm...honestly don't actually know how to use it. I would teach myself but, again, no lights to read the instruction manual with (and flashlights and sewing machines are awkward). I can't cook either. I CAN cook, just not without power. So I was wondering what people did at this time of night before electricity. I guess they had chimneys and were cooking by candlelight and sewing by candlelight and reading or telling stories or playing banjo by the fire. Did they do that in summer, have a fire going?. Anyway...It's like we are so used to sources of media for entertainment that we don't have any skillz anymore. My grandmother on my dad's side was reportedly a genius at sewing, and my great-grandmother was known for reciting poems and stories. Other ancestors were painters and inventors and the women were beautiful singers. I...can read at least, but not with the lights off. And to be honest I prefer TV or movies. I get the story quicker and it's just easier. But it's times like these I think of these people who had all these great talents because they had to and so they became really really good at it and could entertain themselves and everyone else around them. Man I'm bored.


seth said…
you're probably right that people back in the day got more creative and stuff. of course, maybe not everyone developed interesting talents in those days either. you'd still have people who just wanted to hearsomeone else play music, right? i think reading is grand, however. it's super grand.
SJ said…
ya, reading is great if you find a book you can really get in to. That night my roommate Liz and I ended up having conversations such as "who do you think would win in a fight, Superman or Batman?" And she almost resorted to reciting the alphabet backwards as fast as she could but then we decided to take a walk. She still attempted to recite the alphabet backwards, though. We were so happy when the power was finally back on, but we still have lots of yard clean up what with the tree and all these stray branches and leaves lying around.

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