The Frasority Story

Went to hang out with a Frasority, it's a club basically made up to mock frats and sororities at the U. The Frasority goes around to different parties during rush week and essentially crashes them. They then proceed to announce their doctrine and gather pledges away from the Greeks. It's pretty much awesome. Something else at this party was that one of the frats actually had a live donkey. They brought it right into the mass of freshmen milling around and it got nervous and began kicking. I almost got it in the face and the whole crowd quickly formed a big circle around it.

The kids in the Frasority tried to get me to join their band of merry people. I told them several times that I was no longer in college. That didn't deter them, they kept asking. They're pretty kick-a rebels, though. They actually went to San Diego and were on the Price is Right for one of their activities. And they won a bed set and were so excited they rushed past Bob Barker and jumped on the bed..and then they accidently broke it They're cool.


Esperanza said…
Was this a KSL story? Or were you just partying....sounds like you are in your element in SLC. :) p.s. any news on your housing situation?
SJ said…
Yes, this was for my show, Nightside.

And I found housing in a darling little doll house lookalike. The roomers seem good so far. More into their careers, except one, but she's studying opera. The other is an editor for an insurance co. and the girl that owns the house is an accountant. I figured that was a good move so she could show me how to save and shelter my $$. The one dilemma is where to put all my stuff. I really should buy my own place, but the rent is kinda cheap and I figured I could maybe give myself time to look around.

I'm moving all this week and the big stuff saturday.
seth said…
SJ, how much stuff do you have at this point? I can't fit my junk into my Manhattan apartment, but it's still mostly in boxes. It would fit in a normal apartment, though. Are you falling victim to small closets or a large wardrobe? Or is it the kitchen, living room, etc that is too small?
SJ said…
I, amazingly, fit it all in to my room, which in reality happens to be a very large walk-in closet that my roommate swears is a room. Funny how I was looking for closet space and got a closet room...he, he. It's actually cute now. I took pictures, but they didn't do it justice. Sooo work has been pretty busy and I kept forgetting to ask for time off to go to DC. maybe I'll schedule it for next month. I need to go somewhere one of these days.

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