When good blogs go Sci Fi

What if in the future all women became infertile? And the human race started dying off? But one young girl somehow got pregnant and a group of people had to smuggle her past a super big brother government just to save her offspring? I saw a trailer in the theaters for "Children of Men" about this group of people living in the future called, of all things, The Human Project. Think they got the name from me? Obviously.


seth said…
Are you worried now that they're going to sue you and try to take your blog away? That would be lame. Suppose you could always change the name to "the SJ project" or something.
Steve said…
Ha, that is funny, but not original. It's basically the plot from the Aeon Flux movie.

Alas, don't worry. There is some very campy movie that came out in 2001 that is only available via some crappy horror movie boxset that is called "Zombie Chronicles", which I clearly didn't hear of prior to my blog nor would I probably ever had if I didn't do a search one day for fun for my blog and found that instead. I'm almost positive more people have seen my blog than that movie.

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