A shout-out to girls that rock and would have gone to rock camp

Dear TeamRed, and umm, Seth (slow and orange)...Not sure if you're back or not, I'm thinking not, unless you want to be back (can you tell I miss you and need to call all of you?) But I thought I'd mention you once again (even though you've sworn you're blog is dead and we had the funeral a few posts back) but I wanted to give an honorable shout-out for the shout-out about Girl rockers and girly rock camp. Coolest thing ever and I probably would have begged my mom to let me go had I had an ounce of musical talent. This one's especially for MJ, you'll always be the other Aimee Mann.


SJ said…
ps Halden, don't die in Harlem, it's not worth it.
mj said…
woo hoo! girls rrrock! i miss you sj.

if i/we ever do blog again it's going to be one of the free ones where if you stop cleaning out your comments inbox for a week the whole thing is NOT rendered useless because you will never wade through. EVER.

woo hoo!
SJ said…
It's all about blogspot, baby
Seth said…
To the best of my knowledge, teamred is alive in the sense that it can occasionally be accessed. I continue the occasional post until such time as I can secure a guest posting gig on someone else's blog. Maybe I'll start my own if I can get a cool enough name for it...I was pretty scared tonight while wandering through a (lit) path trying to cross Central Park on my way home from running. There were people sitting and sleeping on benches, and I kept wondering if they'd decide to attack me or something. All I had was a metrocard, phone, and credit card. Figured the potential muggers would just take my phone. If you're wondering, I was running with a credit card because I thought I would stop by Urban Outfitters to see if the sale items had gone to the 50% off lowest marked price level. Took me too long; the first time I tried to cross the park I ended up doing a big "u" and found myself back on the east side. Second time worked just fine.
seth said…
I'm not a girl, but here's lyrics to the song I wrote in my head last night (b4 bed, not one of these dream songs):

Let's sing a song about Petey eh and Josephine
The emperor of France, he feel's I'll say
You're close to me

Let's find a way to go on again
We cannot last for more than 7 years

that's all I got so far; as is often the case I had one sentence I dreamed up somehow and started writing a song from it. Of course, I don't have much lyrical content, but the music was the best part; it sounded extremely Belle & Sebastian-ish, to the extent that I feared the entensive guitar and horn parts I had dreamed up were really just me remembering one of their songs. Now my head is so full of "In the Reins" that I cannot recall this whole thing. Usually, re-reading the words is enough to conjure up the entire melody I have for the developing. Maybe that's a bad sign and I really did just rip the whole thing off; that would be super lame. For me, not for the world as a whole.
SJ said…
Are the Curators still in operation? A reunion tour? Seth you should get you some mace. You're tall and all, but you are also a skinny white boy and you wear nice shoes.
seth said…
Mace is probably not the worst idea ever. I am told that my neighborhood is not especially bad. The Curators may be out of commission - original bassist and awesome guitarist both having left - but music is still made in my head and stuff. I am super excited for Monday, b/c this LDS band highbench is playing at some giant stake-wide FHE. I can't really say I like the type of music they play, but they seem to be pretty tight and have good production behind them.
SJ said…
dude, they even look like hot missionaries. Were you there when Jericho Road came to my apartment to sing Happy b-day to Ben phd?

We had to explain to these non-mormon Easterners that a Mormon boy band would soon be playing at our house. It was kinda weird, but they seemed seriously excited to meet them. Even though they roller skated to some of their songs.
SJ said…
I mean Jericho Road Roller-danced to some of their own songs

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