The problem

That's a picture of my car door. Ya, that's the interior of my driver's side door totally falling off. I've been crawling in and out on the passenger's side all day because every time I try to get out of the driver's side I have to rig the part that's falling off so my door actually shuts, only it's caught on the lock so it's actually really hard to do. I have no idea if a mechanic can actually fix this and I kinda don't have any money right now so I kinda can't find out if a mechanic can fix this right now. Ummm, ya.


seth said…
Man, car ownership has its drawbacks doesn't it? I hope it doesn't cost too much to fix!
SJ said…
funny, oh Subwayness! Not everyone has a fabulous mass transit system in their city.

I actually took it to the shop after work today. They took the whole thing off and now there are wires everywhere. The shop is ordering the parts and tell me they'll have it fixed by tomorrow when I bring it by after work. In the meantime I discovered a darling little second-hand furniture shop just across the street.

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