Me in my new place


mj said…
i like watching how the background changes with each picture. now there's a plant. how about a chair? or sj's backside? nice mirror effect!
SJ said…
Ya, it's actually an awsome floor to ceiling 70's mirror in the front room of our house. But the room itself is really sparse right now. My roommate swears she has a couch...she just needs to get it from her parents house. Or I might just grab one from a garage sale and cover it up with a nice couch slip. It'd be cool if we had a projector like you do. We've got great wallage for that.
Steve said…
I love the mirrors. I can think of lots of good things to do with those, some with and some without the camera, haha.

I like the pics a lot by the way!!! Cute.

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