I posted this dream a while back just because it was one of those vivid dreams that seemed riddled with symbology. In light of the Mid-East conflict I'm posting the first part of it again.

"I had a most vivid dream last night. I was in a hotel room. The room was stark, except there was a bed, but it was riddled with disease and the place was dirty. I went to the pool and came back and it was still that way. The owners were Middle Easterners and the woman refused to clean the room, simply flipping over the mattress and calling it good. I told her flipping over the mattress doesn't get rid of the disease, it merely covers it, but it will creep over to the other side. Sure enough it began to. I couldn't stay there any longer and neither could the other guests/ friends I was with."

I think it could be saying something about bombing each other over and over (flipping the mattress) doesn't get rid of anything, it just covers it until once again one side creeps over and bombs the other side. It is like a disease. There was more to that dream. Stuff about a house and being locked up in the basement, seeing the planets, and escaping. Weird.


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