Anyone else find it odd that the Iranian PM doesn't believe the Holocaust ever happened and then has the gall to say Israel is acting like Hitler right now? Still forming my own opinion on Israel's actions. I can see why they just did what they did (they needed to do something to stop Hizbollah from killing more of their people), may not have been the best way to do it (is war ever the answer?) but dude I can see why they did it. But does Ahmandinejad even understand what he's saying most of the time?


Scully said…
What is scary is that Israel is going for broke and now it will no longer be a discussion on national security and border safety, but rather a Religious thing. So now it is about a Jewish state against the Islamic states surrounding it. And the US is stuck in the middle literally in Iraq and figuratively in our high-wire Mid East diplomacy where we try to support Israel without royally ticking of the rest of the area.
nicolaepadigone said…

just checking out your blog via RubyG's.

One thing to know about Ahmadinejad is that all his fiery rhetoric is directed mostly towards his domestic audience to build up his support. That doesn't mean we should take what he says seriously, just that his sabre rattling is to stoke up domestic support.
Sherpa said…
I don't know what to think of it all. There's some evidence and rumors that Iran is behind Hezbollah's actions.

On Saturday I was standing in front of the American Jewish History Museum in Philly. the tour guide there was explaining to us the story of why there's a monument dedicated to Netanyahu's brother who was killed on July 4, 1976 during a raid against islamic terrorist who captured Israelis. It hit home again how Israel feels they have to go for broke when one of their own has been captured. Anyway, I don't really know how i feel about both sides except for the fact that the more I study about the mid-east, the less I feel I can make a decision about where I stand. :)
SJ said…
Ya, and it seems like it's also that whole eye for an eye thing over there.

To're saying the PM isn't crazy, he's just saying what he says to appease the masses? I'm not sure what it's like over there, maybe everyone is crazy, but Ahmadinejad says some pretty interesting things. I don't know how even his own people can take him seriously.
SJ said…
Panini, isn't it you who always says people should not have strong opinions on something they know very little about? I feel that to just hear of the conflict doesn't really help me know what's going on. I mean, this is 60 years of history in the making for this one conflict, and, well, thousands of years of conflict underneath it all, intertwined with religious zealotry. I cannot even begin to understand the layers of cultural thought, or justifications, let alone whether Israel should have fired back the way they did. Especially since, well, we sorta did the same thing in Afghanistan...and didn't even wait for something to happen in Iraq, we just went on ahead. But we really are in a tight spot as a country on this conflict now, and the people of Lebanon, at least some I've talked to, and their PM, are praying we do get involved.
Steve said…
nicolae is right, Ahmadinejad loves nothing better than to get international attention. He actually doesn't even "rule" the country. The clerics are the ones that actually make the rules, he is mostly just a puppet and has no true power alone. He's good at getting people riled up and for a cause, sounds just like the guy he was referring Israel to, haha.

The whole mideast is such a mess. There will never be peace as long as Israel exists, simple. I'm not really at a point to say it shouldn't, but as you all have pointed out, there are way too many layers, years, and cultural differences to understand as an outsider. Seriously, what would the middle east complain about if Israel WAS gone? That oil isn't HIGH enough?!?!?
nicolaepadigone said…

yeah, I don't think he is crazy. His talk is crazy to a Western audience, but he is a smart, calculating man, who is exerting Iranian influence quite successfully throughout the Middle East.

Sun Tzu said long ago, "know thy enemy." Too many Americans do not know Ahmadinejad, considering him simply a loon. We'll never defeat his rule if we think like this. The man is smart and he has a plan.

Like Steve said, he's a bit of a puppet to the real rulers of Iran, the clerics.

It's too bad that there has to be such violence in a region filled with religious people. That's what saddens me the most, I think. Places like Europe that are moving away from organized religion are living in peace, while countries that are deepening in religious beliefs get violent. That does not bode well for religion in the future.
SJ said…
There's always this "us against them" They're just using religion as an excuse. It happens everywhere, even and especially in Salt Lake. If those countries didn't have a prob with Israel, it'd be the Christians, or Sunnis vs Shiites, etc. A christian Lebanese woman told me she was very concerned with Hizbollah and Muslim fundamentalists coming in and taking over. She was worried they'd lose their western education and way of life and have to adopt a backwards zealous mentality in her home country.

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