Tonga shakes it like a polaroid

Another massive attack. A magnitude 8.0 earthquake hit Tonga early this morning, there's a warning of a possible tsunami in Fiji and New Zealand. Is it the end of the world? Not likely, but these natural disasters seem to be increasing. I remember watching some C-Span about global warming and the general scientific consensus was that the ocean was warmer now because of it and that warmth contributed to more hurricanes and tsunamis than before. Now some people might be tempted to say none of this matters because the millenium will come and it'll all be good. Wake up! Earth is off kilter. But what can we do about it?

*ps - thanks Australia
ps again - Most of these tips I can't do in my community (public transport is almost non existent, I can bike until the weather gets frigid and then I must use my gas guzzling car (and can't afford the hybrid kind), I don't own my home so I don't own the appliances, nor can I insulate it, or replace the electric water heater, but I do buy organic produce - but that's mainly because I don't want cancer, and I do plant plenty of flowers and greens on my back porch...though they use alot of water...I'll just stop now)


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