Someone in the Universe Loves Me

Dixie Chicks have a new and another amazing album released yesterday. I've been humming to it since I downloaded it on ITunes...And Nike has a hip new gadget for runners who run with their IPods. Life just keeps getting better and better.


Scully said…
I like the new Dixie Chicks song too. The video is getting lots of airtime on VH1. I think it is even in their Top 20, which I find amusing. Although the video reminds me of that freaky Wizard of Oz sequel they did years ago where Dorothy gets sent to a mental institution for electric shock therapy and there is the evil queen with the hall of heads and the creepy men with wheels instead of hands or feet. Enough about my youthful traumas. Yay Dixie Chicks!
That One Guy said…
The Dixie Chicks were about 3 or 4 years ahead of their time with regard to the "Bush-speech". I wonder how all those radio stations feel NOW about having the big Dixie Chick parties where they drove road packers, and tractors and junk all over their CDs.

You good ol' boys happy you voted for Bush now?

I think not.

Although I hate (loathe) country music, I gotta say, "you go girls!!!"

with a "Z-Snaps" even.
Esperanza said…
Yck to the dixie chicks. I still have a moratoreum out on them. Sorry, I don't share you enthusiasm! But we do need to plan a good run.

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