Every Girl Deserves Favor

This is the blog of favorites

1. Favorite store, ever, of all time Anthropologie (watch out, it's pricey, even the sales, but sooo adorable - even the aprons and dresser knobs).

2. Favorite color - spring green (but any shade of green will do). I also lean blue, like French blue.

3. Favorite self-tanner - The one from the Body Shop, not to be confused with the disfunctional kind from Bath and Body Works, they'll leave you orangey and streaked the next morning.

4. Favorite mascara - Bad Gal Big Lash in black

5. Favorite song right now - The W.A.N.D. by the Flaming Lips

6. Favorite smell - fresh peppermint from the garden

7. Favorite book - Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, not only because it's a good book with a lot of stuff in there to think about, but also for sentimental value. It was the first book I read my freshmen year in college.

8. Favorite food - right now it's my homemade popsicles, any juice flavor.

9. Favorite radio station - any public radio station. The one I get here is KUER

10. Favorite movie right now - Both "Bee Season" (think rebellious Harry Krishna's and mysticism) and "Everything is Illuminated" (see earlier post for descrip)

That's my favorite's top ten list. You can comment and/or make your own blog about your fav's, too.


Esperanza said…
Green is my favorite color, and Anthropolgie is my favorite store too! (We have such good taste). Its also nice that people we have commanlities with are also very different from ourselves, makes life both fun and interesting!

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