Weekend Movie Review

Benchwarmers is a thumbs down. Stupid humor, bad script. Such good actors, all star cast, and they really tried with what they were given, but David Spade and Jon Heder could only do so much. It totally stunk and I walked out. I just couldn't waste my brain any longer on this one.

Ice Age is super terrific and I give it at least four stars. Really cute movie, good even for grownups. Queen Latifah's voice work is fantastic. But then I may be biased because I like studying prehistoric stuff...and I'm still a fan of cartoons.

Rented Everything is Illuminated. This movie is beautiful and as brilliant as the title. I don't want to talk about it much for fear of giving it all away, but it's a good watch. Elijah Wood plays this Jewish kid looking for the woman who helped his father escape the Ukraine before the Soviets could kill him. The Ukrainian teenager is a total star, and Elijah Wood definitely gives a thought-provoking and eloquent performance as a stranger in a land of so much beauty over so much pain.


Sherpa said…
Isn't Schwartzman in Everything is Illuminated?
Sherpa said…
he's not. Jason Schwartzman was slated to be in it according to hsx.com, but must've had to drop out last minute...hmm
abz said…
has anyone read the book Everything is Illuminated?
SJ said…
No, but I thumbed through it in the bookstore...do I get a star?

Abz, I left several comments on your teamred blog, but to no avail...what's up with the open conversation over there?
mj said…
i read another book by the dude that wrote _everything is illuminated_ and it was really good so i bet that one is too. the writer, jonathon safran foer, is young (read: attractive), talented, smart and entertaining (read: Jewish). the book i read is called _extremely loud and incredibly close_ and is about an absolutely brilliant nine year old agnostic who goes on a large scale scavenger hunt to discovery the mystery left behind by his father that died in the world trade center. it blew my mind a bit, actually.

ps teamredblog is a wasteland and uncovering REAL comments is much like finding the old needle in the haystack, but i'll see if i can find it.
abz said…
I would have liked to have heard your comments. too bad teamred comments are being a dork. it's going to fade soon anyway. maybe i'll have to start my own occassional blog.

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