Wednesday, April 26, 2006

The "flaming lips"

These are my lips

These are my lips after lip plumper

Any questions?


Simon J. said...

Just what exactly is "lip plumper" ??? It sounds fascinating.

SJ said...

ha, I remember one time this guy asked me what the difference was between eyeliner and mascara. Sometimes I think because I know it then guys know it too. But it's times like these I realize they don't.

Lip plumper is all the rage at the makeup counter these days. It's this chemical stuff they put in lip gloss that is supposed to "plump" your lips. It's basically the new alternative to collagen injections. Some of them just use cinnamon to sting your lips into getting bigger (but don't do it, it hurts really bad), some of them actually have a chemical in them that pulls up all the collagen you already have in your lips to the surface, making your lips appear fuller

Steve said...


My gf has this peppermint or something stuff that makes your lips all tingly and a little puffier too!!!! Big fan!!!

SJ said...

Oh so very thankyou!