All things considered

So lately I've been feeling like "two roads diverged in a yellow wood" is a metaphor for my life. I do enjoy working in the news, and being on the radio, but if you've read anything below you'll know I'm taking a class to finish up a second Bachelor's degree in Anthropology-my first college love. And this recent class has rekindled that flame. I love studying population genetics and bones from ancient times and philosophizing on what must've happened, or what other people are like-and why, and imagining myself dotting all over the world in important and painstaking research. So lately I've been thinking I might just want to go and get my PhD. Not for any honor or prestige, but because of my love for the subject. I already know becoming a professor is akin to taking the vow of poverty, but hey I work in public radio, I've already done that. There are a few things to consider, though. One is a bit minor, but still something to think about. Getting a PhD may limit my choice of guys. I know me and I know I would probably start to want a guy with a PhD himself. It may also intimidate other non-PhD guys. There's also the schooling, the time and expense of the schooling, and the possiblity of never being able to pay off those student loans after I'm done. And I also wonder where radio will take me. I've improved a lot, and sound pretty good on the air now. I have no idea how far I could go in this career. All things to consider...but then they say that's what our twenties are for.


Esperanza said…
You could probably still work in radio while starting your MA in Anthropolgie right? Do they have a program at BYU? And then go somewhere really coool for your PHd? I say go for it! We only have one life to live! If guys are intimidated oh well! Isnt' that one of the excuses we always grant them anyway?
Scully said…
I understand the siren call of the PhD. I also understand the aversion to debt. But I do have friend getting his PhD in art history in Delaware right now. So if you do decide to go for the gold, there is at least one guy out there who is getting a PhD.
mj said…
i would not give the intimidation factor any room in your brain. the cooler you are the cooler guy you will deserve. debt is a real live issue and i sort of feel like you have to accept the fact that you yourself will have to work to pay it off, but i've found once i got a routine going it ain't too bad, really. other people might think you are wasting your money. that's why it's all about what you want to do with your life and then--own it, baby. no regrets. on the other hand you gotta remain open and--i think--not above sacrifice for the most important stuff.

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