"Whiny children, claims a new study, tend to grow up rigid and traditional. On the other hand confident, self-reliant kids grow up to be liberals..."

Okay, so this smacks of a skewed study, but I thought it was so sweet I just had to share it.


Sherpa said…
this is special.....skewed, but special.
Scully said…
Well, I wasn't a whiner as a child, and now I'm considered 'liberal' (which is a completely subjective word) and my brother was a huge whiner (my mother called him The Squeeky Wheel) and he is extremely 'rigid and traditional' about things. Especially politics, women's clothing, and the belief that he is always right. My own skewed perspective, possibly. Gratifying, definitely.
SJ said…
Liberal-I'm pretty liberal for BYU...and possibly Utah. But in other circles I'd be considered middle of the road, or perhaps in some places, gasp, conservative.

Did anyone catch Radio West today about the history of Utah Democrats?
Steve said…
Utah Democrats? Isn't that like an oxymoron?!?!?

I almost posted this article too, but it just was too iffy. A Berkely study released in the Toronto Sun. Even me, as a uber-liberal found it to be a little too skewed. And besides, does it really mean anything? But for the record, I was a very independent child and am pretty heavily tilted to the left.
SJ said…
Steve, we finally have a picture of you!

Oxymoron or not, it actually does exist. I would consider myself a Utah Dem. We've also got one sole Dem Congressman goes by the name of Jim. He's pretty conservative, might even call him a Republican in other states (how else would he get elected here?) but we'll claim him anyway. And when we really need him to he votes the party line.

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