No Foolin'

As I was working on my next delivery for the newscast this morning I got a phone call. Not from my boss, but from a bitter co-worker. This co-worker is old, crotchety, and loves to share his skewed opinions on life-and the news-with everyone. He called today because I ran a story about a pyramid scheme that was taking money from Utah citizens. I put in the story that get-rich-quick schemes are abundant in Utah, and not always legitimate (though I doubt any of them actually are, but I didn't include that part). I mentioned there are 18 of them in Utah county, the largest amount in the nation. He had a problem with that and thought he'd let me know I'd get in trouble, and the station in trouble, for saying these companies might not be legitimate. I told him the facts were the facts and I was running it regardless of what he thought. That's when things got heated. He told me I didn't know what I was talking about and that I would be responsible for bringing the station down. He kept blah blahing about his 30 years experience in the news business and was emphatic that these companies are good legitimate companies because he's been following them for 30 years. I repeatedly told him these companies are junk and that I had covered this story at a public station at the beginning of last summer and met numerous people who'd been taken by them. Then he said one story didn't prove anything, that I had no experience, and that I had an attitude problem. He told me I was on the radar with those above me for it. I was burning mad at this point. He was clearly trying to derail me for whatever reason. I was shocked that someone in the news business would be this confused about the truth. I about hung up on him after he wouldn't shut up (I had all of 10 minutes to write the next newscast at this point) but thanked him politely for his input. Of course I ran the story anyway. Then I called my boss. He liked the story. And, of course, agreed with me. These companies are crooked, despite what Mr. 30 years experience thinks. I told him what happened and he said I don't have an attitude problem that he knows of. Now I'm left wondering what that co-worker of mine's problem is and why he thought it was okay to try to railroad me into not running a good story that impacted a lot of people.


Molly Brown said…
There's a good chance that he "belongs" or has a membership with one of these companies and is afraid that your article will get back to his "upline" (there's always an upline)and cause waves for him.
Speaking as a former member, I understand his view, often times the companies may be legit but because the opportunity is always open to "everyone", these "everyones" are not always of the highest caliber of people, business wise or ethically!

The end result is the companies are judged by what its members do or don't do. In my case, I did plenty, lost plenty and moved on!

In my case...good company...bad people!~ end of story...go to print!
Scully said…
I agree with mollybrown. Also, he was testing the waters. I'm guessing, being a male with '30 years experience' he probably has antiquated views about women in the workplace. He thought he could bully you. And he will probably try again. Keep your boss informed, because if this escalates, which it very well could, you want someone on your side.
SJ said…
I forgot to mention the weirdest part. This co-worker of mine actually went on a tangent about how the entire government itself is really a pyramid scheme because we all pay into it. He said work was a pyramid scheme, that all companies were pyramid schemes. He basically just started talking crazy.

After our little phone fight he came into the studio where I was working later in the day with a couple other co-workers. We were recording my sunday hosting shift. He came in and in front of them asked me if we were still on speaking terms. I was like "whatever crazy". In reality I didn't make eye contact and just said "I guess so" and then ignored him. I wasn't about to fight with him again in front of other people I work with. He then began to criticize the way I was recording my voice. I was like "go away now". And then one of the other hosts had to chime in and say I was doing just fine. He's so annoying I don't even want to see him. Ugh!
Molly Brown said…
what a loser this guy is!!!
I would definetly say he is in some kind of pyramid network (not that there's anything wrong with that :)haha!!!!:)
LOL some peole need to get a life!!!
Esperanza said…
He probably has sisters/kids/spouses/friends that work for those companies and that is probably why he has a beef with your story. Probably hits a personal chord somewhere. And you know we discuss this a lot, but "news" at BYU is different from "news" in other places, because of the hypersensetitivy of the fact that many people think anything that comes from BYU or K-BYU for that matter is Church endorsed.
Molly Brown said…
hey speaking of pyramids and schemes..why not do a story about this 911 and the plane they said hit the Pentagon yet there is no evidence of a plane only evidence that it may have been a missle! Lots of strange stuff goig on!!!!sure like some answers on all this!! I've been getting allot of e-mails lately and would like to know whether its all hype or if there is anything to this.
SJ said…
That's been going around for a while. Usually on stuff like Unsolved Mysteries. I haven't really heard enough to support or deny it. But why wouldn't there have been a plane? There were other planes for the other buildings. Why not this one? And it actually smacks of "the government is hiding aliens" hoaky stuff. My guess is that since it's all been rebuilt we'll never really know.
Molly Brown said…
Ok Strange stuff we will never really know about..mysterious...kinda like "pyramids"!
Sherpa said…
Sounds like he's either a bully, has some economic motive, or just a very sad, unhappy man.

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