"If I must die, I die"

It takes a strong soul to stand up for what you believe no matter what others think, no matter if it even means you die for it. I can't beleive this sort of thought still exists in the world today, but it does.

Afghanistan Police took Abdul Ramah into custody after finding him in possession of a Bible. A Bible! This isn't some illegal drug (but stronger-oh the exquisite power of knowledge). He converted to Christianity after talking with Catholic humanitarian aid workers back in 1990. And then religious clerics in his own country say he should die for it, they even say it isn't his fault he's a Christian because he's obviously crazy. A guard said earlier Ramah's been hearing voices. But think about this: One nation's crazy is another nation's witness of the spirit. He was adamant he knew full well what he was doing when he converted to Christianity.

The most beautiful parts of Ramah's Christian testimony was when he said, "If I must die, I die....Somebody a long time ago did it for all of us".


Sherpa said…
and....he's free!
Esperanza said…
That is a neat story! Wonderful the enthusiasm for his new found Christianity. I wonder how many people would really act likewise?
SJ said…
And Italy has granted him asylum.

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