Don't know what it is but I have just not been motivated to write stuff, let alone clever stuff (if you could call it that), on here lately. Actually it seems Provo is having this effect on me where all my priorities are topsy turvy and I find marriage and family more appealing than climbing the career ladder. I find I think more about my own life than about my country's politics (which is funny because I read what's happening there over the airwaves on a daily basis), I even find some conservative ideologies actually make sense. So I have to ask myself if this is just part of growing up or the effects of some massive mind control experiment in Utah Valley, or if I'm just being too open-minded at this point. I mean it's a bit scary. Okay, okay, before you freak out and think you've lost me to the Right Wing Neocons, I still believe in saving the environment (though there isn't a recycling program here), and do voice my opinion occassionally about Bush and the War (though there aren't many people that really care all that much around here to actually discuss it), and I think forbidding teachers from teaching evolution in schools really does go a bit too far back into the medieval age, but I can see some people's points, I even find myself nodding my head in agreement, and I find I don't have as much passion as I used to about the "issues". Heck, once in a while I even shop at Walmart. It's a head-trip, trust me.


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