You were lost but not forgotten

It's always when there's a lot going on that one never has time for a visit. So I thought I'd write a quick something here just to say I love you. It's political again. Heard on the Diane Rehm Show today from some expert somebody that if you shop at Costco you support the Chinese government. This was his response to letting an Arab country control our major sea ports. Let's checkit and report, kids.


Scully said…
Um, don't you support the Chinese no matter where you shop? Just check the numbers on the US's burgeoning trade deficit with China. The are a major manufacturer because labor is cheap. And I wish I had listened to Diane Reim this morning instead of surreptitiously rocking out to the Stones at my desk. Maybe I would have understood the connection he made instead of thinking 'What the crap was he smoking?'
abz said…
I agree with can't avoid supporting the Chinese government. The Chinese work cheaply and Americans like cheap stuff.

I do think it's ok to support Kirkland, Washington so shop at Costco and be happy.
SJ said…
He was saying Costco is owned by the Chinese like the UAE wanst to own six of our seaports and that China is also a threat. Whatever. Something else in that show that they brought out was that there's a cargo company owned by Saudi Arabia that operates out of Dulles airport in DC. And they had how many 911 hijackers? Yet we continue to support relations with the Saudis and no one raised an eyebrow about it. What I find really fascinating is that Bush had no idea about the seaports thing until he was told at a press meeting. No one in his cabinet thought he might want to know!
Sherpa said…
I was thinking about how addicted to cheap chinese stuff I am when I went shopping earlier today. Oh well!

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