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I've been on this big kick lately about watching lots of movies. I got this unlimited membership to CleanFlicks and am now averaging a movie every day to every other day. I have this goal of seeing as many as I can and then dropping the membership so I don't have to pay the fee. So far I've seen some really good films, too.

Good Films I've seen:

The Constant Gardner-it will make you think, make you cry, and want to save all the African children. Also interesting how the Brit libs are angry at Tony Blair over the same political points as US libs are at Bush

Elizabeth Town-Okay, this film is just cute. There is a really lame-o scene at the memorial ceremony where Susan Sarandon takes over everything and starts singing and dancing and it's just awful. The scene where the cousin sends a fiery flying dove into the audience almost makes up for it, though. Almost. But it was an overall feel good. Kinda like Garden State, but not so Indie, and Garden State was much better. But it's still an adorable film and worth a watch or two

In Her Shoes-Totally predictable chick flick, but still kinda cute

My Date With Drew-Completely awesome, he will make you believe!

Amistead-Words cannot describe the utter beauty of this film. The freedom of the human spirit rises up and soars to the highest mountains. Supior acting, marvelous script. Great movie, great cry.

I Heart Huckabees-One of the best movies ever! All-star cast (including Jude Law) This movie is total head-tripping brain candy with a comedic twist. Basically it makes you think about the theory of reality, coincidences, and all sorts of other deep and philosophic ideas, but it's also completely hilarious. Great actors, perfect roles for Lily Tomlin and Mark Wahlberg. Liked this one so much I think I want my own edited copy

Films I wouldn't recommend:

Amelie-I know this one is super popular for indie fans to just LUV, but (to me at least) it was actually slow and cheesy and I lost interest about a third of the way into it. I suspect some people say they just love it because it's a foreign film and they want to sound smart. But this film is actually a yawn.

2046-Beautiful cinematography, but depicts women as weak and needy. There's even a part where the main guy goes into a fantasy land and pretends women are androids. He also needs a hefty dose of sexual harrassment training.

That all the good and bad so far. I'm no Ebert, and these are just my opinions, but this is the way I see the world of Clean Flicks films right now.


Sherpa said…
Don't worry, huckabees will be edited on TBS, TNT or usa before too long. Its a great show.

how am I not myself?
abby said…
A friend of mine hosts clean flicks movie nights. I loved Garden State too. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and Lost in Translation were definately thinking films that I would like better the second time around. This week we're going to see Love Actually. I can't wait. :)
SJ said…
Ooh, I forgot Eternal Sunshine and Lost in Translation. Good, really good. I think I like thinking films more.
Esperanza said…
You liked Huckbees huh? I think its one either you do or don't like. I didn't really like it, but it is totally interesting to my firends that study psychology ect. Jude Law is a babe, but he played a bad guy~ I've been wanting to see Amisted forever, and haven't rented it yet...
mj said…
one of these days . . .

i have nearly stopped watching movies. it's weird, i know. it's not like i don't LIKE movies; i just usually do something else. i did really want to see i heart huckabees, mostly because i figured what'shisface from rushmore (maybe my favoritest movie ever) would probably be way funny. still haven't seen garden state (despite that i am from there) or eternal sunshine...

sj, you really like to put down the indie kids don'tcha? why do you think everyone's a poser, dude? i of course liked amelie a lot. heck yeah it's slow. i actually really like slow movies if they pay off. like 'remains of the day' one of my favorites (and not remotely rated R), where there's this subtle intensity that slowly builds . . . yummy.
Sherpa said…
I've noticed that in the last 5 years or so, my movie tastes have changed from more mainstream to watching indy's etc. Maybe its because I have easier access to those films now, who knows?
SJ said…
Whatshisface was the Rushmore dude? Now I see it, but I totally didn't recognize him. Yes, he was also completely great in that film.
Hoo said…
I can't believe you didn't like Amelie. But bravo for admiting it.
Steve said…
Why would you want to watch the edited versions of those films. You are totally missing out on the director's way he wants to convey the character or sometimes even the movie. I mean, yes, you can watch the movie and still understand it all just fine, but it's like eating an ice cream cone and not eating the last couple bites at the bottom where it is all gooey and soft!?!?

And Amelie has some of the best cinematography of ANY movie. It's worth seeing just for that. Plus the lead, I forget her name, is so hot, haha.

Eternal Sunshine is quite possibly one of the best movies EVER made. Yeah, I like it that much. It really makes you realize what is important in life and decide how and who you want to share it with.

If you want to see a very interesting indy film, see Secretary. It is odd, but again shows you how love works differently and people and is all about acceptance. It's not a fantastic film, but will make you think a little.

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