Haven't posted on here for a while-been busy at work and when I get home I find I just wanna crash (I get up at 4:30 every morning).

Basically I got an unlimited membership at CleanFlicks and have made it a goal to watch as many movies as possible before ending my membership, thus saving tonz of money. Last night I watched The Constant Gardner and it was so good it made me cry. Aids, Africa, government conspiracy, helpless and poor, great acting, great screen writing. It was beautiful.

I also got some warts removed from my right hand. The blisters look completely gross. Brace yourselves, I'll be posting a picture of them soon. Though my hand may not need it I've bandaged up the red welts and blistery ugliness to save the general population. I also suspect a blister could burst and then I could contaminate others and spread the virus (all warts are viruses and usually take a couple doctor visits to get rid of them). I'm not sure if it would actually spread, but just in case...

Funny thing is I was in the store yesterday buying the bandages and I also needed new shaving razors. So there I was buying bandages and razors at the check out stand-oh and a gallon of ice cream. And that's it. The check out lady was extra nice to me in a weird way, not sure if she thought I was suicidal. I thought, great, she thinks I'm going to go home and wallow in ice cream then cut myself. People at work are also asking if I'm okay and what happened because the bandages are on the top of my hand and then wound around my wrist. I'm embarrased to tell them it's for warts, but I guess things could be worse.


Scully said…
Plus, one of the local stations like FOX13 or ABC4 had just run a Special Investigation segment on female self-mutilators or 'cutters.' I bet the check-out lady had seen an ad for it.
Esperanza said…
LOL. You should tell them that you also just went on MEDS. See what they say! jk, or that it is a pre-date ritual....that would cause some waves too! ;)
Sherpa said…
Ooh, Fox 13 is as cool as Fox5 out here?

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