The Story of a Girl

I've been tagged by MJ and Tom on TeamRed. No, they haven't spray-painted me with gang signs. It means I've been challenged with a subject for my blog. My challenge is to tell y'all five things you don't know about me.

Though I consider vulnerable openess to be beautiful, I have to admit at first I was not crazy about this challenge. There's a lot more to me than I share with most people. My life, it's full of experience, and though some experiences have been painful, others have been absolutely exquisite. The experience has made me wise, and it was all for a purpose. But those won't be shared here. They're not secrets, just a little more serious stuff than I want to share in a setting like this.

Five things you don't know about me-but maybe you do and I'm just that transparent-who knows.

1. I really like different music, indie music, music you don't always hear on the radio. The thing is that as much as I'm a fan of supporting the little guy with barely a label to hang his/her hat on, some of it that most other people who love indie rock will say is "awesome" I find boring. Like some of those Cat Power tunes. Sorry, but it gots no rythm, and it gots to have that rythm. That and I have to not be bored with it after the first 8 seconds.

The key to all good music is it has to speak to me, I have to FEEL it in my bones. One other thing about me and music that most people don't know is that I also like Christian rock.

2. I think deep thoughts. Like about Aural Energy or the Origins of Life and the Collective Unconcious. If you've ever stayed up talking with me till late into the night or for any extended period of time you may have already noticed that. They don't all make logical sense, nor do they have to, sometimes I'm not trying to prove anything, just philosophizing. I wish more people thought like me, or that I knew more people who dive deep.

3. The Meiers-Briggs personality test says I'm an ENFP (Extroverted, Intuitive, Feeling, Percieving) and the Color test marks me a definite Yellow.

4. I go through phases where I admit to being vain, and other phases where I couldn't care less. This may be because when I was little I got most of my attention from people who thought I was beautiful. Everyone thought I was beautiful. I really was a beautiful child. But deep down I know that's not what really matters, not really to me anyway. Besides, most children are beautiful to some degree. I think I'm still beautiful, not like I was as a child, but I do think of myself as more of a classical beauty. Like old-fashioned movie stars or those women in renaissance paintings.

5. I consider myself a pretty loyal friend. Once in junior high these girls actually invited me to join their clique. They called it a clique and everything. They were starting it so they could be cool and told me I could be cool with them. Yes, they actually said that. It must've made sense at the time because I did not question its ridiculousness (it was seventh grade). I asked them if my friend Chelsea could also join. Chelsea and I ate lunch together and she didn't know anyone else so I didn't want her to be alone. They told me she wasn't cool enough and I had to make a choice. Cool people or Chelsea. I stuck with Chelsea. This caused the clique girls to be mad at me. A few weeks later they got to know Chelsea in gym class and decided she was now cool enough to be in their clique. Chelsea knew they were mad at me but left to hang out with them anyway. At the time that left me with no one to eat lunch with for a little while (my friends from grade school were all in another lunch period). Later that year Chelsea's boyfriend danced like Michael Jackson. Everyone made fun of him and she was considered no longer cool, even after they broke up.

That's just a little slice of me. Hope it was delicious.

Krystal & Sherpa - tag, you're it.


mj said…
oh, sj, i don't think everyone likes cat power (especially the old stuff where it'll be just her voice and an electric guitar on which she is playing dischordant sounds stripped bare) but i think she is pretty amazing. she is one of my girl crushes--but since she's kind of crazy aimee mann is my number one girl crush.

thanks for playing! you would so get along with my hippie friends in co.

hey, maybe we should find some rad festival to meet up at this year?
Sherpa said…
i love cat power.

hmm, that's funny. I'm an entp and a white/yellow
SJ said…
hippie festival-yes. I do have to add I'm not exactly hippie, though. I tend to favor sanitary conditions. But I'll bet you had some very interesting conversations back in those days.

BTW-Aimee Mann is my girl crush too.

Sherpa-that is probably why I like you so much.
Esperanza said…
Wow, you are so self-aware and un-apologetic, that is probably why I like you so much! :) I'll have to give myself a couple of hours to think about how to respond to teh tag on my blog...hmmm...
SJ said…
Still waiting for yours. Are you up to the challenge?

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