Reading Good Lit in BN

Anyone else sick of the Alito hearings already? Same old song and dance, umm yeah!

So I got this Barnes and Noble gift certificate from my bro for Christmas and thought I'd use it last night. Yes, I'm STILL reading Cry the Beloved Country, yes very slowly, and reading 2 other books on top of that (but that's the main one I've vowed to finish soon). So I was wandering around the bookstore with free book money burning a hole in my pocket and came across James Frey's "A Million Little Pieces". I scratched my head, confused to find it shelved in the Non-fiction section. I guess they hadn't heard he doesn't actually have a criminal record and that it's doubtful he even went through all he says he did in the book in re-hab. But the book is a pick for Oprah's bookclub so...Okay, I ended up choosing not to get that one-even if every media outlet I know tells me how good it is. Oprah for crying out loud, Oprah picked it! But I refrained.

I was perusing some good books, and considered either "Everything is Illuminated"-I heard the author was amazing with words, or "Kung Fu Highschool" when I came across "A Lesson Before Dying". I'd thought of that one before, but at that very moment something within me shook. I can't explain it, but I somehow felt like crying right there, in the bookstore, just from looking at the title. I figured the spirit moved me enough and that was the one I'm destined to read next. To be honest I don't frequent bookstores all that often-at least not often enough. But there really is so much good literature out there (besides all the books about some such aldulterous love affair or another or about shopping and self-help on how to tame your man-some writers are just so twisted). I'm so impressed with anyone that can cast a magical spell with eloquent descriptions, or stir my emotions in a new and unexpected way. As I was leaving the bookstore I sighed in acknowledgement at how much time could be spent with good lit if I allowed myself.


Esperanza said…
Let us know after you finish reading your books if you give a good review or would be nice if they became must reads!
Scully said…
Congrats on the book-buying experience. Just a word about 'Everything is Illuminated.' Jonathon Safar Froer is a very talented writer and weaves a beautiful story out of reality and fiction. I found it very moving, however, he is VERY fond of a certain four letter word that begins with f and if you are easily offended by sexual situations, steer clear. With all of that, I'm glad I read it and I found it a fascinating study in human nature.

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