Here's to all you hoi polloi

My first angry letter as a newscaster:

"Was it necessary or relevant for Ms. Burr to include a promo piece in her "news broadcast" about American Idol? This dumbs down the news, and should have never been broadcast or allowed. Is there no one who supervises these news broadcasters? We all know that the hoi polloi love American Idol because of its cruelty towards people with less talent than the "stars." For KBYU to lower itself to the mean level of promoting American Idol is shameful."

In three words: Ha ha ha!

My report was a kicker at the end of the broadcast about some girls who followed American Idol judge Randy Jackson into a dressing room at Barney's and sang to him. Usually in a newscast we try to end on somewhat of a lighter note. This is how I chose to end today.

Note the misspelling of my name (it's Buhr, not Burr) and the use of "hoi polloi".


Esperanza said…
I have always said that making someone angry, means your getting better! jk but it does mean people are listening to you, and care about what you say, even if it was enought to insult you. SHows you the kbyu radio audience though huh?
mj said…
Scully said…
I believe the letter writer is what is considered a pseudo-intellectual snob. Anyone with any interest in sociology or anthropology has to find the phenomena of American Idol and other reality shows fascinating. What drives individuals to follow a member of the opposite sex to a changing room in the hopes of being rich and famous? What does that say about the priorities of American culture? And SJ, we totally have to meet sometime. Maybe at Krystal's b-day gathering?

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