Evolution Revolution

I think I'm officially sick of politics. I've heard getting out of DC does that. But this is maybe a problem because, well, as a newscaster I sort of have to focus on that sort of thing. Okay, local politics is slightly more interesting right now-like the bill on teaching Utah school kidsIntelligent Design (I highly recommend checking out the picture in this article-Utah Sen. Buttars looks like he's about ready to fly away-would this be his version of evolution?). But, as some people say, "all politics is local"

As for me I have no qualms with teaching evolutionary theory or Darwins "Origin of Species". I never was confused about my faith after such a lesson. In fact I was an Anthropology major at one point in college, and am now taking the last class I need to finish that major and get a second bachelor degree. I do, however, think teaching Intelligent Design opens up the possiblity for Christian Science to be taught, and that's a problem. I am a Christian, but I also uphold the US Constitution and the seperation of Church and State. Yes Evolution is a theory, but a very possible one backed up with factual scientific evidences. Intelligent Design is more like a sneaky way to teach Sunday School in a government sponsored institution.

I would like to propose a possible hybrid solution: teach the history of how evolutionary theory came about and acknowledge that there have been people in history who thought the origin of life was brought about by a divine creator. They could also maybe mention Darwin attributed his thoughts on speciation to God at the end of his book "The Origin of Species". This would be an acknowledgement without the potential for Intelligent Design to be taught as another scientifically sound theory.


Scully said…
I really like your solution. I have disliked this Intelligent Design campaign from the begining. It seems more a political motivation than any real concern for what children are learning. And I was an Antro major for a few semesters and it was my minor. I bet we had classes together at some point.
SJ said…
Good on! So, did you go to the U? I actually took them at the U, not the Y.
Sherpa said…
I'm so sick of politics and i'm still here. As far as Intelligent Design goes, I dislike it a bunch.

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