Where there's Oil, there's Cheney

Dear V.P. Cheney, why must you vex us so, breaking a tie and taking away medical benefits to babies, and baby-mamas, and sinking your teeth into pristine Alaskan wilderness?


Sherpa said…
between him and Karl Rove...
SJ said…
They drink oil for breakfast.

Did I tell you how the president stared at me through the television? He was giving a speech and had to look into the camera eye...so maybe that was why, but c'mon, did anyone ELSE feel the staring?

Anyway, congratulations on your new bf. Too bad for Nancy Grace. Oh well, her ilk can always count on Bill O'Reilly
Sherpa said…
My new boyfriend?!? NANCY GRACE!
(oh, that only works on Kelli). Anyway, my boyfriend Karl is very sad this morning. it seems that his dream of high premium arctic oil has been dashed.
SJ said…
My advice is to dump him immediately. Nobody likes a downer.

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