Organic Ramblings

Food is not what it used to be. We must define it. I mean, it's not just an apple, or lettuce from the local farmer. The healthy stuff is bought in a "health food" store and labeled non-genetically modified organic produce free from chemicals and additives, just as Mother Nature intended it. And it costs more. Not a whole lot more in bigger cities, but in Provo, or Spanish Fork, or even Salt Lake it costs more. We pay for something God gave us freely for thousands of years, till we screwed it up. Now it costs more. We do the same thing with the air we breathe, the water we drink, the ground we walk on, the animals, the life around us. We have to buy the "real" stuff in special stores that cost more for something that shouldn't be all that special, it should be normal.

Humans are crazy, and greedy, and sometimes I wonder how long Earth will sustain us in our golden madness. And it's not so much I can write this and feel free from guilt and point the finger at everyone else. I am to blame, we are all to blame. To survive I must drive my car to work, I must pollute the air. I could live across the street from campus, with the students, and just walk, but I don't want to, and the truth is that eventually I'll use my car. I live in such a way that I never have to touch the dirt, or watch nature in its raw form, free from captivity and allowed to run wild. Some people in leadership in America (like Cheney) want to take the last remains of wild land we've got and drill for oil (thankfully this didn't pass). They say it doesn't matter and no one goes there anyway, and besides we need the oil, right? We need it for our cars, to get us to work so we can make a living, so we can buy stuff, and help the economy, and pay taxes and fuel defense and missile programs to blow other people up-perhaps in case they try to blow us up. It's not natural. But we're working on our own survival, afterall. Survival of the fittest.

But what happens when all the wild is gone? When we must pay high premiums for clean air at an oxygen bar, and organic produce at a special store, or for filtered water, and there is no more wild land? Not enough trees, or ground, or wild anything, and we only read about what used to be in books, or at least have these books in a dusty library somewhere waiting for us to remember what could have been? But just be satisfied with your car, your dirty air, and be happy with your pesicide-laden, unnaturally shiny apple with little or no flavor to it. Cancer happens.

I do not advocate living like wild cave people, it's unrealistic and we've come too far for that, but I am completely happy to run into genuine feelings of love for the beauty of this Earth once in a while. Why would anything that takes that away somehow be better for us?


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