I am doing my geneology

The parents are really into geneology. It is a Mormon thing to do after all. But they're really into it. We've got charts, graphs, files, journal entries of our ancestors up the wahzoo. It's actually cool. Over the Christmas weekend they showed me a chart linking back 33 generations to my great grandfather-Mohammed III Abu I Kasim, 11th Century Moorish King of Seville. Who knew I had an Arab ancestor?


Steve said…
That is pretty cool. I started working on my family's about sic or seven years ago. Its a ton of work, so consider yourself quite lucky that someone has paved the way for you. I had to start at the basics, talking to grandparents and writing everything down by hand. Then luckily the internet has been a HUGE source. In fact, this fall right before I left the States I visited a family cemetary that has been in use for about 150 years that I didn't even know existed to take photos to add to my files. Fun with dead people!!!
Sherpa said…
that's pretty cool. And cool that your parents are so into it.

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