Dream #2

I had a most vivid dream last night. I was in a hotel room. The room was stark, except there was a bed, but it was riddled with disease and the place was dirty. I went to the pool and came back and it was still that way. The owners were Middle Easterners and the woman refused to clean the room, simply flipping over the mattress and calling it good. I told her flipping over the mattress doesn't get rid of the disease, it merely covers it, but it will creep over to the other side. Sure enough it began to. I couldn't stay there any longer and neither could the other guests/ friends I was with. I remember my friend Erin (Tom) was with me. We went down the road to another motel, which was actually a house next door. The lady owner of the place began showing us around and was very nice. She was a white lady, but I couldn't tell if she was foreign or not. She seemed strange, but normal on the surface, and nice. She took us down to the basement to show us the rest of the place and then asked us if we wanted to see Jupiter, which, by some magical instrument was reflected through the window and onto the Christmas tree in the middle of the room. We could see the planets in their revolutions, two planets circling Jupiter, one was smooth and yellow, they were going around at a good clip, a bit fast for planets. We were observing from Earth so not involved, just mere observers. Then before we knew it we were in another room and were being caged up. The motel was a front for imprisoning visitors in the basement. The room was dark and cold and the floor was cement. It turned out the family was actually mean. We would hear of other visitors, but not allowed to get out. I found an opportunity to escape and took it. I ran as fast as I can. Somehow I was a child at this point and ran to the nearest elementary school and went into class where I'd be safe and the family couldn't come get me. Then I woke up.


Esperanza said…
Scary! Ideas of what it means?
SJ said…
Esperanza! You're tuning in and still blogging on vacation. You rock sister.

My initial impression is that it has something to do with world events and the era we're in.
mj said…
um yeah. has that anti-torture ammendment passed yet? you know they had to include "inhuman treatment" or something like that due to how the whitehouse interprets.

editing a classic clinton-era statement: "that all depends on what the meaning of 'torture' is."

i'm glad you escaped, though. that's good news.
Scully said…
Here is my interpretation, based solely on the information I've gleaned from minutes of dream research about what being chased by vampires means (my very own recurring nightmare). I think you feel that you have been betrayed or 'taken' by someone you thought you could trust based on their appearance in the outside world. They wowed you and then betrayed you, making you feel powerless and naive, aka childlike. You escaped, heading to a 'school' where you could learn to protect yourself from falling prey to such experiences again.
SJ said…
That's actually pretty good, Scully. I have actually felt betrayed by my boss. I came in to my job feeling pretty confident but have been cut down a lot by her. Even when everyone else tells me my voice sounds great and I'm doing a great job, or when everyone else had to tell her it was the host's ego, not me that was the problem with our show (including her own boss-who loved my ideas) she's still been hard on me. It's been hard. I've lost a lot of my confidence, actually, and she does in fact treat me like a child. I even have an assistant and she told me I should respect what my assistant says over what I want to see happen. It left me feeling powerless and not respected. I even had to go to the HR department about the way she was treating me and training me. Everyone thinks she's great that doesn't work under her, but she's been hard on my and a few others. And sometimes she's really nice. I've wondered if she felt intimidated because I was so confident and because of my work background, and we're the same age and she was a new manager.

Lucky for me today was her last day. She wasn't fired or anything, she left to be a full-time homemaker. It's a huge relief.

What an astute interpretation.
Esperanza said…
Good dream-interpretations!

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