Just finished the afternoon newscast (I do this on Wednesdays-for now-and all next week for Bruce). I cannot tell you how many deaths and murders and fatal accidents I come across on the wires. We're supposed to be a kinder, gentler station so we don't really talk about those things too much here. However, today while I was searching for stories a breaking report on a woman who died on Bangerter Highway really got me. The woman was my mom's age, and it was near my parent's house. I panicked. I called mom. No answer but a machine. Left a message and tried to stay calm. Called, no answer, left another message. Ten minutes later she called. She's fine.

I never used to worry like that. After I lost my brother my world became so much more real, and fragile, and frightening. I used to be the girl driving around without a seatbelt, on the freeway, barely stopping at stop signs, rose colored glasses and devil-may-care. But today I really thought about that lady, and her family. How sad, on a Thanksgiving, to lose your mom. I prayed fervently God would protect my family and let us all live into old age, that we would never lose another member again. And I included that story in my newscast. We have 100,000 listeners on our station. If I could get just a few people to slow down and avoid an accident on the busiest travel day of the year it's worth it.


Esperanza said…
Or a few people to look at their mom a little kinder this thanksgiving, and not worry if she tells them that they need a hair cut or something else for self-improvement! :) Life is precious and so are families!
Panini said…
oh that's so sad. On the way to work this morning I heard about the BYU student and her mother who was driving her back to BYU...and I started crying. It was so upsetting.
I get worried about my family's not back from the grocery store, it's 1am and she's been gone a long time...same thing.

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