Save All the Jessicas

Is it just me, or does anyone else find it odd that the newest sex offender to find his way on national television goes by the name Joseph Smith?

I wasn't going to mention that, but I covered a story today on Jessica's Law, a bill passed in Florida after 9-yr-old Jessica Lunsford was found after being kidnapped, raped, and killed by John Cuoey-a repeat sex offender, a registered sex offender, the system had lost track of. This other Smith also appears to be a repeat sex offender. It makes me so angry these people are walking the streets. That we, as a society, and the system of law, have been so lenient on these vile perpetrators.

Utah congressman Paul Ray is working on a law similar to Jessica's Law (which requires sex offenders to wear ankle bracelets and sets a mandatory minimum life in prison sentence for repeat offenders, and life plus the possibility of a death penalty for murderers). The Utah Attorney General believes our laws are already tough enough and are very effective. Do they require bracelets? No. Do they set a mandatory minimum life in prison? No. I actually know of a child sex offender who isn't even registered with the state and it makes me sick. There was a study a few years back (when I was in college-and I could look to verify, but it was a while ago and I don't want to spend the time looking today) that showed Utah had a higher rate of rape cases than the national average. We need to get tough, and we need to get tough now.

I normally don't agree with the likes of Bill O'Reilly, but I am glad in this instance that he is putting pressure on Utah officials to pass Jessica's Law. These people should not be roaming the streets, in our parks, on our playgrounds, in our neighborhoods, where our children play. They are dangerous criminals, and they are around our children, around the most innocent and beautiful people we have. Why on Earth would there be any reason for them to be given a chance to get away with such an ugly and dispicable crime?


Sherpa said…
Yeah....I imagine your first reaction when you heard of this new Joseph Smith and his crimes...was similar to mine. :(

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