Re: Helpful Household Tip

It doesn't work! I sprayed the concoction on my car windows last night and it was just as icy this morning. I'm also out of windshield wiper fluid, and my ice scraper is crappy.

I confess I did not wave my hands around, nor recite the "I defrost thee" incantation. That was really more for you guys.

I'm going to try a stronger concoction of just pure vinegar (no water added) to see if that does the trick. And I'll be getting a new ice scraper...does anyone know if antifreeze is really all that important? Maybe I should check my levels of that...and add more windshield wiper fluid. My dad taught me how to do this a long time ago so hopefully I can remember.

Will keep y'all informed as to whether the more vinegar solution works. I'm also going to spray it on a lot more than last night. Stay tuned...


Panini said…
oh that's good to know! And bummer, girlie.
abby said…
I usually get the windshield wiper fluid that is good in 30 below weather. It has antifreeze already in it and it usually does the trick or at least it does on the East coast.

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