The Life Aquatic

Watched The Life Aquatic last night. One of the best things about being in Utah is watching all the rated R movies from Clean Flicks.

Aquatic was a most random movie. A giant man-eating "jaguar" shark, a love interest with a pregnant woman, digitized sugar crabs, pirates, guns, explosions, red fishermans caps with matching speedos, an arch rival, island adventures, Bill Murray dances to beat-box music in a wet suit, and a redeeming oceanographic documentary from Team Zissou.

This pretty much means I loved it.

Anyone interested in buying a team t-shirt or red cap (no speedos yet) can get it here.


mj said…
i love wes anderson movies, but i haven't seen this one yet due to the rating and me deciding to stop watching rated r films a couple years ago. guess i should check into the whole clean flicks thing.
Panini said…
"red fishermans caps with matching speedos"
I can totally picture you enjoying this movie...the way you described it. You're so fun to watch things with. And I LOVE LOVE LOVE clean flicks!! $15/month for unlimited movies
SJ said…
All I said was that they matched. The thing is they always talk about the speedos but never actually wear them in this movie. Oh, and did I mention everybody on the team got a matching gun?

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