A Letter to the Violent

Dear Argentina,

Please don't kill our President. If you feel the need to vent your frustrations just take a step back and count to ten and think of a more mature solution. Remember, you're dealing with all us nice, crazy Americans. Bush does come packaged with a few problems, but please don't leave us with Cheney.

Peace Out,


halden said…
You've got a much better attitude than the old "save a bullet for Cheney" crowd. Still, it's interesting how strongly people feel about our President.
Panini said…
If he wasn't so unstable and powerful, I'd say Mr. Chavez and his "Mr. Danger" obsession was rather funny. I mean really, "Mr. Danger?" ;)
mj said…
good call. i got chills--chills i tell you--when you got to the leave us with cheney line.
Esperanza said…
Agreed! Don't love Cheney too much, but think Pres. Bush is the hotest president we have ever had, we can't kill him! (Yes, you are allowed to call me superficial and weird!) jk LOL.
SJ said…
You know how that one time you said it was a good thing we all have different taste in men? hehe
Sherpa said…
hotter than JFK? Huh.

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