So many movies I want to see lately. Here's the list. Comment if you want to see them with me...or comment on them anyway...you decide.

1. Good Night and Good Luck
2. New York Doll-still havent' seen it
3. Pride and Predjudice-could never pass up another Jane Austen remake
4. Walk the Line
5. The Da Vinci Code (one word: Tom Hanks)
6. Memoirs of a Geisha (rent it)
7. Harry Potter 4 (I admit it, I DO want to see it)
8. Bee Season
9. The Fountain
10. Water (foreign, Indian, an 8 year old widow)
11. Nanny McPhee (Colin Firth, Emma Thompson, and magic)
12. Rent (with the original Broadway cast)
13. Little Manhattan
14. The Producers
15. The third The Work and the Glory (comes out in April)

Movies I am tempted to see and wish weren't rated R (but will probably wait for them at Clean Flicks):

1. North Country
2. Syriana
3. Nine Lives
4. Casanova

Movies I will not be seeing:

1. Looking for Comedy in a Muslim World (for embarrassingly bad stereotypes)


Esperanza said…
Yes to:

Pride and Prejudice,
Harry Potter (4)

When out on video:
Memories of Geisha,
Walk the Line

What is the bee mcphee thing? If it has Colin Firth in it, I am there. So, the secret love of our generation of women ;)

Also, you need to read Scully's post for today, I'm sure you would have some good opinions to share on this.
bozette said…
Thank You for stopping by my blog.
I enjoyed my visit to Utah. It is a very beautiful state.
aisy said…
just saw new york doll tonight... a fascinating movie about a tragic past with redemption... beautiful
Sherpa said…
I've been wanting to see NY Doll since i heard about it in Jan. Still hasn't made it to DC.

I saw Good night and good luck yesterday, great show.

Walk the line is next weekend. I'm pumped.
SJ said…
Saw NY Doll this weekend. It made me cry. David Johansen was just like every anti-mo kid in my highschool (in SLC this usually means anyone who isn't a mormon, or who was but has joined the antis). They think they are good people, but are afraid to understand. Arthur is a beatiful person with a great story.

I also saw these movies this weekend (it was the "movies" weekend): Rushmore (a wes anderson classic), and Matrix Revolutions (I do not recommend this one).
Panini said…
maybe have an extra ticket to HP this Friday midnight showing? Details coming...

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