Helpful Household Tip #1

It's my turn this week to park in front instead of under the car port. This means spending 5-10 minutes every morning warming up my car and scraping the ice off my windows. That's a pain. So I set out on a quest for fortune, adventure, and a better way to defrost. It turns out there is a very aromatic and ancient formula that does just that. Vinegar. Yep, vinegar. Who knew?

Basically you take three parts vinegar to one part water and mix it in a spray bottle. Spray the magic potion on your windshield at night, recite some special incantation like, "I defrost thee" (and maybe wave your hands in symbolic gesture or something) and poof, in the morning your windows are supposed to be ice free (though I can neither confirm nor deny this at the moment as I found this out today on the internet).

See, not only am I a clever writer and supermodel beautiful, I'm also handy.


Esperanza said…
LOL. Will have to try that! Because for me one of the things that makes me maddest, is having to scrap of the windows in the morning! This blog reminded me of Bridget Jones when she says, "Hurray! Am broadcasting genius, suspect am somthing of a genius in the kitchen as well!"
Panini said…
If that works, I will bless your name forever.

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