Twice the Charm

Some things are just better the second time around. Like my assistant's torrid love story (her boyfriend, and the story), or Son Volt. But maybe it's not just about the second spin. Maybe it's just from growing and understanding and realizing the mystery in something. Like watching Cast Away for the second time and acknowledging that it is, indeed, a FedEx commercial, but that it's also a lot more than that. It's a silent diatribe on time and occidentalism, and finding yourself, and what we could be if we were stripped of everything and given a second chance.

Now that I've waxed romantic about second-helpings I'd also like to add that not everything is so great the second time around. Like your not-so-ex-ex-boyfriend is most often a bad idea. Sure it's great at first, little stars in both your eyes, till it dawns on you the reason you broke up in the first place...or Utah. Okay Utah isn't so bad as I had remembered. I've made some really alright friends here. But sometimes you just gotta get out and get back in touch with the rest of the world. (Ya, I know we're supposed to be in it and not of it and I'm not advocating any wild adventures to Las Vegas or anything). And sometimes you just gotta leave the world behind and head for the hills, and sit there and let yourself breath the wild mountain air and remember what it's like to touch a rock and see blue sky.

But yoga, it's worth a second try. I used to take a class every semester in college. It was the very relaxing Hatha practice. All the studios (the one I go to included) seem to do Ashtanga these days (popularly known as "rocket" or "power" yoga). Great for strength building and mental agility. It's the perfect yogic practice of something that seems to be so easy (holding a position and just breathing) but in reality is much harder than it looks. I'm not so great right now (like I can't stand on my head or anything), but I'm getting more used to it as the weeks go by.


mj said…
i tried running for more like the sixth or seventh time a few months ago and i totally dig it. it fits most perfectly now, though, because i need something to de-stress after work where i have to be so darn technical all day.
hyip101 said…
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SJ said…
Dear "gello",

Seems as though you've already found what you are looking for, and in fact make money from it. So STOP SPAMMING!

Yours truly,
SJ said…
MJ-you are radical. DC is the best for running. All those amazing trails, and it's so low to the ocean it's not as hard to breathe. In fact, it was even mentioned as one of the best places for running in Runner's World magazine sometime last year (don't remember the month).

I had this energy massage therapist tell me a couple weeks ago that I was too much in the head and that I needed to do more physical activity and use my legs more. Exercise is great for de-stressing all that head stuff. I went to another yoga class yesterday and okay I'm not as good as the other kids, but I can tell I'm loosening and getting stronger each time I go. Like yesterday I could almost do a proper chateranga without having to lower my knees first (it's this pose kinda like a push-up except you slowly lower your chest-your heart-down and then the rest of the body and then immediately push up the upper half of your body and then go into downward dog.

So let me know how far you run.

Panini said…
I love Cast Away; it's one of my favorite movies. Tom Hanks is truly phenomenal.
And I keep wanting to try Yoga...maybe I'll go this week.
SJ said…
Cami-You should come with. It's a nice studio.

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