Spirit Day

My day began with Kanye West's "Jesus Walks". So good! Then our show today was an interview with Susan Easton Black on the life of Joseph Smith. It was a pre-recorded interview intended to air during the month of December (in commemoration of his birth 200 years ago). Then I went to a class I'm taking (to finish my other undergrad degree in Anthropology). This is BYU, so religion is freely intertwined in academic discussion. The class is on American Culture, and the discussion today was on class and socialization. A guy read from the Doctrine and Covenants-which was a little weird, but also acceptable. This would never have happened at the U. It always seemed shocking to them when they found a Mormon in "their" anthro class, and no way was anyone to discuss Intelligent Design (though that is actually a theory Darwin puts forth in the last chapter of The Origin of Species. So basically what I'm getting at is today was a religious day, or more a day of spiritual sustenance. Funny how you feel like you need something and it just shows up, but it was really there all along.


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