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Sometimes some things you just have to go through to understand the meaning of it all. Like a song heard over and over on the radio that just seemed like a song, like mere background noise to drown out the drive home. And then it hits you, like you break up with someone, and you always knew it was over before you really got into each other, but you were never really into each other, only you just sort of knew it then, but now it all makes sense, now that it's over. Or you can see someone so totally heartbroken and sad over missing someone and you don't get what's happening to them really until you lose someone. And then some song you've heard comes on and before it was just a song, but now you know that that person singing is singing right to you, to exactly what you are going through. And before it was just some dumb, overproduced song on the radio that you were listening to because you forgot your Ipod, and the song comes on and now you're really going through something and you know everything that happens is meant to happen,and that song that is playing wasn't just a coincidence, this time that song speaks to you. And you know that person is singing that song because they've gone through it. And you know now that you are not alone.

So, with that, I've compiled a list of songs I currently favor. Some of them you may have never heard of, some of them you may be somewhat familiar with. Some I put on here just because I like them, some of them you may be surprised to find you like. Then some you may wonder why I even like them at all. Some of these songs have deep meaning for me. If the time is right, some of them will have meaning to you, too.

The List:
The Strokes-Hard to Explain
Pitty Sing-Ctwyl
Pheonix-Run Run Run
Phil Collins-Can't Stop Loving You (for the memory of Seth)
Stars-Ageless Beauty
Aqueduct-The Suggestion Box
Alpine Stars-Arianne
Magnetic Fields-You and Me and the Moon
Flaming Lips-Do You Realize
OK Go-Maybe, This Time
The Stone Roses-I Am the Resurrection
The Stone Roses-She Bangs the Drums
T. Rex-Cosmic Dancer
Air-Universal Traveler
Fountains of Wayne-Peace and Love
They Might Be Giants-Experimental Film
Buffalo Springfield-Go And Say Goodbye
Moody Blues-Story in Your Eyes
Rush-The Spirit of Radio
Death Cab for Cutie-Crooked Teeth
Enya-On My Way Home
Aimee Mann-Today's the Day
Aimee Mann-Save Me (the MJ version)
Stevie Nicks-If You Ever Did Believe
Collective Soul-Waterfall
Counting Crows-Einstein on the Beach
Joan Baez-Where Have All The Flowers Gone (just think about it)
John Denver-The Wings That Fly Us Home
Boston-Peace of Mind
Desree-You Gotta Be
Belle and Sebastian-Wrapped Up In Books
Daft Punk-Human After All (After all, this is the Human Project)
Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers-I Won't Back Down
Jem-Just a Ride

*My iTunes tells me this is just a little over two hours of sweetness to the ears.


mj said…
beautiful post. we should be friends. it is weird how these songs creep up on you. like how i take for granted that tom petty song "i won't back down," but it is pretty much awesome.
SJ said…
How convenient, we are already friends. Thks...

Amanda came to visit me (well, actually she's in town for her fiance, but we got together last night). She says your new haircut makes you hot!
Panini said…
cool list!

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