Le Cinema

So many movies out I want to see right now. For the longest time it seems there was just nothing good. But now there's The Work and the Glory: American Zion, Roll Bounce, I Walk the Line, Pride and Predjudice (remake) comes out in November, as does New York Doll.


Panini said…
And 'Prime,' I can't wait to see 'Prime!' Let's go together!
SJ said…
Umm, er, not really my bag. We're going to the International Cinema to see Wait Until Dark, though. You can come,too, in your favorite Hallow's Eve costume.
Panini said…
okay, okay. Youv'e talked me into thinking that maybe it is a sex movie...I can wait for the Clean Flix version...I think. :)
SJ said…
It is a sex movie, but it's not just about the sex, I need substance woman, substance, like the movie "Rent" or like a roller disco competition movie (aka "Roll Bounce")

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