Give 'em Hell, Harry

Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid launched a new website highlighting new highs in corporate oil profits and price gauging.

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These prices are outrageous at three bucks a gallon, and the thought that big oil is making a profit out of our most recent travesties is appalling. However, higher prices also means less driving for those who don't want to pay the prices. Less driving means less gas emissions, means cleaner air, means more walking, means a leaner and healthier America, and an America that starts to wake up and really think about what our oil addiction is doing to the rest of the world. It also scares enough people into thinking of cleaner and more efficient forms of energy. It does suck to pay ten to 15 bucks in gas every time I drive to my parents house, but if raising gas prices is what it takes to get us off our precious oil, and get more Americans to think about our environment, raise them.


mj said…
thanks for the info, sj. i ended up writing about harry reid on my blog too.
SJ said…
You know what they say about great minds...once in a while they're on the same page as us

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