Sending out an SOS

I sit here thinking I can do nothing. A great devastation has happened to the people of our nation, to the very poorest in our nation, and I don't know what I alone can do. I don't have much money and I cannot physically be there to volunteer. People in America are hungry, and desperate, they haven't eaten in 4 days. They've lost everything they ever had, including family members, neighbors, and friends. Marshall law, riots, gunfire, looting, contaminated water, starvation and death. The scene is so grim I cannot believe it is true. My eyes and ears have been glued to the news. I watched scenes of pregnant women, children dying right in front of their parents, no one eating, weak old people with no one and nothing left to them in their old age, and not enough food or shelter for anyone. I wept as other women on the screen wept at the loss of loved ones. I have been to New Orleans, I have been to Mississippi, I cannot believe this has happened.

There is something I can do, however, you may join me, if you will. Together we can fast and pray in support of those who have nothing, not even a morsel of bread to eat. We can also petition our local and state governments for better access to public transportation, for more readily available hybrid cars, for better solutions to the growing oil crises. Make your voices heard. Start a petition today. Go around to your neighbors and gather their signatures. We can do something.


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mj said…
i think the blog marketers are getting cleverer . . .

meanwhile this is a good positive idea. i wonder if you couldn't post it somewhere prominent? or maybe somebody already has the idea--i think the term "hunger strike" sometimes has more mass appeal, maybe? dunno. anyway i gave some of the cash i could spare but i could probably give more via fast offerings/humanitarian aid and possibly forfeit my hair appointment in a couple weeks? i am posting our guest room as available but we live 1000 miles from the hurricane so we could in theory only help rather wealthy people who are not stuck. yeah i want to do more, but for most of us life keeps rolling. i bet there's about a million displaced persons who wish they could say the same.
SJ said…
Amen. There's actually buses with refugees coming to Utah. They're saying they'll be here this weekend and Gov. Huntsman has asked us all to help.

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