Some of you may be wondering why I wrote about New York. Have I been there lately? Was I going to be there soon? Was I currently IN New York? None of the above is true. I've lately been missing much about the EC, and New York came to mind. Sometimes random bouts of writing about these things will... It's therapy. See, I'm stuck in Provo, in a massive townhouse development that sits right up next to a dry yellow mountain. There used to be a drive-in theater and some trees there, now it's just carbon-copy townhomes. Some townhomes are so crafty you think they're like real homes because they are "detached", though in the same townhouse style. Stucco and siding, all with off-white interiors and the same mauve tile flooring. My roommate says we live in the hospital. We seem to be the only two on planet Provo that seem to think there's something wrong with everyone wearing the same outfit and saying the same thing and being the same person. One comes in want of diversity every now and then (or maybe all the time). To be perfectly honest, Provo does have its diverse area, downtown actually does have a little bit of funk, and believe it or not all those returned missionaries have brought back some interesting restaurants. Like have you ever had Phillipino food? And what have they done with the old Women's Gymnasium on State Street? It's a funky thrift store. And I'll bet your town isn't full of random quilting shops that operate out of the side of a house. Funny when everything seems to be gone it's the little things that make you happy.


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