Nervous Ambitions

Shaking, and nervous, could hardly think. The clock was ticking down. Was he coming? Would he be here in enough time? Whatever will we talk about for so long?

He came. Our guest came, drank some water, read some sonnets and it was nearly over when he said he'd read just one more...the clock quick-ticked down the time, ten seconds left, 5 seconds. Read another? There's no time, we're out of time, close it, it's done, it's over...our host thanked him, and then let him read. Ahhh! He did it, it worked, and the music faded up and out. Our first show actually happened...Sort of. We pre-recorded as if live (something to show the folks upstairs), but we did it, and it went well, and we actually had a half-hour's worth of material on, of all things, sonnets. Return to steady breathing, Thinking Aloud is actually gonna happen, and it's gonna be pretty good.


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