Dan the Radio Man

Met Dan Bammes, Morning Edition Host for KUER in Salt Lake, today. He was here for a journalism conference. He remembered the piece I did for them a year ago on the amount of Mormons working in the US Capitol. That was cool.


Anonymous said…
Dan The Radio Man?

More like Dan the Washed-Up Radio Man.

He's a hack whose time has passed.
SJ said…
Do you even listen to public radio?
Anonymous said…
I do listen - religiously in SLC and when I travel around the country.

Dan is old and tired - and it comes through on the air.

He should have turned to selling insurance years ago.
SJ said…
Dear person I am trying not to judge (because we are at opposing public radio stations and it would be easy for me to agree with you except that I don't,and really respect KUER and their work on the air),

I've never picked up anything too old or tired about him. Though the man is in remission for cancer. Maybe that's what you've been detecting.

Anonymous said…
Therein lies the problem...

Dan is the personification of where NPR used to be - ivory tower and arrogance - "we are above you."

KUER is just hard to listen to - Dan doubly so.
SJ said…
I've no idea how you gathered all that from my previous comment. However, Dan didn't seem like an arrogant guy. And NPR isn't hard to listen to for me. It's informative, interesting, and more in-depth than commercial stations. Maybe you prefer the dumbed-down, over-advertised KSL version?
Anonymous said…
I can't stand KSL. I just don't like KUER's brand of news.

Their local stuff is often way behind the curve and self indulgent.
SJ said…
Sooo, do you just not like any public radio? There's also KCPW, although they aren't really trying to be public radio..which is odd, since they are technically public radio.

You could have listened to my newscast all this week. I was filling in for the regular morning newscaster. Although, we're a classical station. Do you at least like classical?
Anonymous said…
I do like KCPW a little. Their local news is better than KUER by a long shot.

Don't like KBYU - classical music is boring and I don't want to listen to church messages.
SJ said…
Well there's just no pleasing you is there.

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